Let’s be honest! When you think about camping and RVing do you envision pitching a tent, sleeping on the ground, being in the middle of “nowhere” and roughing it? You’re not alone! We always get questions about who actually RVs and what is the real experience? The best way to answer those questions was to have the  conversation and put on an evening of camping. We hitched our own RV, affectionately known as “The Beast” and we set it up for a tour.  Our partner location, Par Ring Farms, was the perfect location for families to come and get a taste of RV life, have their questions answered, and enjoy an evening designed with them in mind. Who doesn’t love farm life, feeding animals, riding tractors, listening to music with a live DJ, and staying warm by a huge campfire?   The grounds were set up for a social distancing picnic under the lights and a good time was had by all as we answered each question about RVing and why Melanin Parks.