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Melanin Parks curates quality outdoor touring and travel experiences that blend Black history and culture. Everything is so much better when you do it in community, and Melanin Parks offers the comfort of community through exclusive membership. Membership allows adventurers like you to have access to our unique and memorable experiences with vetted individuals. Your safety is paramount to us and we take all measures to ensure that our travel partners are secure. All members go through a rigorous security screening. Once you complete and pass this screening, you are eligible to become a “Melanin Parks Partner.”

The journey to becoming a travel partner starts here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I Need An RV to Participate in Experiences?

A: At this time, the major way we travel is by RV. You do not need to own an RV as there are several companies that rent RVs. If you want to meet us on an experience, you can get there however you choose and we will be glad to have you!

Q: What Is The Vetting Process for Membership?

A: The membership process starts with an application. In addition to the application, we conduct a national background check (a link is provided for an outside source and the non-refundable fee is $45),and an interview. Again, the safety of each family is the reason for this rigorous security process.

Q: Why Is There a Vetting Process for Membership?

A: At the heart of what we do, family is at the center. Our vetting process is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every family that travels with us.

Q: What Do I Get With My Membership?

A: Membership Includes:

  • Access to curated and planned experiences
  • A discount to many of the travel locations we visit on the road and when you are traveling on your own
  • A monthly newsletter about all things RVing, the “ Melanin Way.”
  • Access to featured speakers that enhance your life while informing your lifestyle habits
  • Exclusive access to our RV Subscription box which features goodies that make life on the road a little more pleasant. All box items feature products by Black business owners

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